What we do:

Having a legal problem is one thing. Having a legal problem under a foreign legal system is an other: If you are confronted with a foreign legal system you normally do not even have a basic knowledge of how this system works. In fact, you only can suspect, that you might have a problem. Therefore, we offer legal services from the very first consultancy on the question, whether in your situation a legal problem may occur, and end up with its solution out of court or even in court. We practice in several legal areas, such as business law, labor law, criminal law plus contract and tort law. Of course we also handle general questions of other legal areas. In case that we – in order to ensure best practice – do not tackle a very specific case out of those other areas, we might function as correspondents to only German speaking specialists.


How we do it:

If you are unsure, whether you do have a legal problem in Germany or how to handle such a problem, you need an answer quickly. When you life and do business for example in the United States, you do not want to check out, when office hours in Germany have ended. Therefore, we propose the following procedure: Click on e-mail, feel free to describe your problem and you will get a first answer within one business day. We will evaluate the description of your situation and advice you, if a problem is likely to occur or which further information are needed to decide on that question. Then it is up to you to decide, whether you assign us with the case. If you do so, we will handle your problem as described in our first answer. Please note: By sending your first mail no contractual agreement is yet reached. On this bargaining German law shall be applicable exclusively. Information will be stored for business use.


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